Be Seen. Be Heard. Be Remembered.


Public Speaking Solutions is a service for everyone, whatever your age, industry, or background. 

The pressure to communicate clearly in our busy world can be challenging. The solution to making public speaking easy, lies in the ability to connect to oneself, the listener and the message. 


At Public Speaking Solutions we give you the tools to understand how to make all speaking and presentations uncomplicated and enjoyable. 


Remember it is not what you say, but how you say it that counts. What makes any presentation, speech, interview or simple conversation an achievable and memorable moment, comes down to a few simple techniques that our training will guide you through.  


We provide a safe space where you can overcome your nerves, learn how to build and design great work, and deliver your message seamlessly, without limits. 



Deborah has worked as a public speaking and presentation skills coach for 16 years.

In 2004 I met and began my training under Glasgow’s renowned Ted Talk speaker, Caroline McHugh. It was as an apprentice for McHugh’s global outfit, ID-OLOGY, that I honed the skills, tools and techniques which opened the door to my coaching career. With 2 years nestled under Caroline’s wing, I immersed myself within the corporate sector, teaching her skilled programme, Life’s A Pitch. 


From 2006 I worked extensively in London, before heading to New York. Clients from the worlds of finance, sport, media, tech, science and the arts have journeyed through the workshops. In 2009 I returned to my native Wales which has become my permanent base. My daughter was born in 2018 and I continue to reach clients far and wide. 


I also use my expertise to assist wedding speakers who need support in writing, refining and delivering their all-important wedding speeches. Please visit Wedding Speech Genie to learn more about this service. 



We cover a broad range of sectors from Fintech and Sport to Legal and Finance.   

We also have built a strong reputation for working within the education sector.  


We train within a broad range of industries, including, Tech, Legal, Recruitment and Finance. Programmes are designed to meet the clients' specific needs, covering both theory and practice into all areas of public speaking. Designed and delivered either for small groups or individually, the programme will give every speaker a chance to excel in their style of communication.


Areas that we cover include, the importance of listening, responding and guaging your audience. Understanding what it takes to make a resounding first and last impression. Utilising the mechanics of the voice and body, in order to get your message clearly across. Knowledge around the mechanics of building, editing, refining and rehearsing the speech from scratch. We will also look at how to overcome nerves for good and build presence on stage, moment to moment. 




We have also built strong relationships within the education sector.

We coach in many sixth form colleges and secondary schools. Hosting workshops which equip students with a clear view on how to approach presenting. This gives them the confidence and skills needed, in areas where public speaking, debating, university or work interviews arise. 


We break the programmes down into chapters that detail the personal, practical and technical areas of presenting. How to impact an audience within the first few minutes of speaking. How to overcome nerves and build resounding presence on stage. How to engage the voice and body with ease, to powerfully deliver your message. Plus, in depth analysis of the issues that block our confidence and creativity.


These are just some of the areas we will cover. Programmes can be designed for small groups or individual sessions, accordingly. 

"Permission to try, permission to fail, permission to exceed your wildest dreams.

It is all here."


"This training will teach you how to be seen, heard and. remembered.


Because the world needs you and

you owe it

to the world."








"Deborah's programme was a highly productive, enjoyable and a revelatory experience. Her techniques were powerfully insightful. 


Her attitude was warm, positive and exceptionally professional. Her manner, always sensitive, patient and fair. 


This coaching is a platform where confident, clear communication can be permanently achieved. I would recommend this training to anyone, unreservedly.


I am looking forward to working with Deborah again and again."



"'My sessions with Deborah were a revelation. She showed me how to filter out the key information of my message and eloquently frame the content.


We worked on body language, breathing and my energy generally, allowing me more polish and engagement with my audience. I found that using her techniques meant that nerves were no longer an issue as I instantly felt more calm, more self control and confidence. 


The skills Deborah teaches you transcend the work place they are skills which enrich your life and interactions with those all around you."



“Working with Deb Thomas was fantastic. I was only taught by Deb for a regrettably short period of time, the five week project was incredibly insightful.


The physical and psychological aspects of building a character showed clearly in our work, methods I still employ

years down the line.


She took the time and made the effort to get to know us individually, understanding the ways that we learnt, so that she could adapt and push us in new directions to get the best possible results. A very valuable experience."





“Deborah is a first-class coach.

She is a genuine expert in her field who brings passion and

energy to her work.


She is incredibly patient and her sessions are always

varied and enlightening.


I would recommend her to anyone seeking to improve their personal impact and presentation skills.”



" I found everything I needed and a lot more in this coaching programme. How to use my voice and body with authority and skill was what I really wanted.


I was searching for more presence and command and I was shown exaclty how to acheve this through Deb's teaching.


I didn't know that my connection to breathing was so vital. It has changed the way I work and live!"



“I have now worked with Debs on two separate occasions.


I have found her to be insightful and extremely focused on those areas that require development and external input.


I benefitted greatly from her wide, independent view, and would certainly use her services again.”



"Working with Deborah was one of the best decisions I made amidst the chaos of 2020. 


Far more than just a public speaking course, the sessions gave me the insight and confidence to find my voice and then use it effectively, with presence and in a way that is true to myself. 


Over a short space of time, we worked through a breadth of skills and techniques around content, communication and body language - all underpinned by a focus on breathing and energy, which I found invaluable and absolutely relevant to all aspects of everyday life. 

Deborah’s expertise and experience combined with her warmth and generosity of spirit run throughout her approach to coaching, and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her. "



We'd love to hear from you. You can get in touch with us via the contact form below or alternatively if you'd

like to chat please call us on mobile number: 07764 253 381


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