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Be seen. Be heard. Be remembered.

Public Speaking Solutions with Deborah Thomas is a committed and bespoke service that thrives on helping every individual find their true voice. The need to communicate with confidence and have your message clearly understood, is a skill required by everyone whatever your age, industry, or background.

The pressure to present in our busy world, can feel challenging. At Public Speaking Solutions we teach you the techniques that help boost your presence, in order that all speaking events and presentations become uncomplicated and enjoyable.

We provide a safe space where you can relax and rehearse. Together we look at the resistance patterns that hold you back whilst addressing how to overcome your nerves. Then you learn how to write, edit, refine and deliver great work, so that your message lands seamlessly and powerfully with your listener.

Find out how working with Public Speaking Solutions can help you and your business grow in confidence today.

Coaching Services

We provide coaching services for individuals and businesses. We have experience of working in a wide range of sectors including Fintech, Sport, Legal, Finance, Education and so much more.

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Speak Easy Programme

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121 Executive Coaching

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Corporate Workshops

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Educational Workshops

Passion into Purpose Series

For all public speaking, pitching and presenting, there is one primary ingredient that we all need, passion.

Passion for your subject, passion for the words that you choose, energy towards the people you want to reach - these are the key ingredients to lift your speech and let it land with power and purpose.

This season, we talk to a series of guests around the subject passion and purpose and how they turn it into their life's work.


What Our Client's Say

"My sessions with Deborah were a revelation. She showed me how to filter out the key information of my message and eloquently frame the content.

We worked on body language, breathing and my energy generally, allowing me more polish and engagement with my audience. I found that using her techniques meant that nerves were no longer an issue as I instantly felt more calm, more self control and confidence.

The skills Deborah teaches you transcend the work place they are skills which enrich your life and interactions with those all around you."

Charlotte Leyshon
Owner - Lux Law

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