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"Our trainings will
teach you how to be seen, heard and remembered because the world needs you and you owe it to
the world."

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Speak Easy Programme

Whether your aim is to give an address, speak at an event, host a party or more successfully get your voice heard at work, our monthly online coaching programme equips you with the key components to speak up with confidence.

Our online sessions will address key subject areas and opportunities to practice. Our aim is to support you in becoming an excellent communicator. The sessions will address the personal, practical and technical components of public speaking and presenting.

Speak Easy

121 Executive Coaching

This is our most popular programme, designed and delivered with your individual needs in mind. Together over 6 weeks we look at all the elements of your voice, body and messaging as they currently stand. Then we address the areas of resistance that are holding you back from your full potential.


You will learn how to edit and refine your content seamlessly saving you time and energy whilst becoming a more powerful, present and memorable speaker.

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121 Executive Coaching
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Corporate Workshops

If you are looking to give your team the opportunity to review their current style of communicating and support each other on becoming a more fluid and impactful collective voice, this is the perfect coaching programme. Condensed into 3 hours, each member will be asked to present to the group a brief presentation. Analysis and feedback is given, helping the individual tune in to their vocal and physical impact.


This is a fun, light-hearted but committed workshop that requires an open and honest approach from the whole team.

Corporate Workshops

Educational Workshops

Designed with Year 12 and 13 students in mind, who are preparing for life after school, college and higher education, this programme aims to get students ready for interviews. Helping them align their physical and vocal presence in front of a panel, be it university or employment.


This workshop brings theory and practice together giving each participant the opportunity to present and improve, alongside Deborah's mindful tutorship. Confidence and self-belief are the key components we encourage on this course.

Audience and Lecturer
Educational Workshops
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