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These past few months have been a trying time for educational establishments across the world. Students have had to adapt quickly to the changes and teachers have had to become resourceful beyond measure. We must feel immensely proud of our students, our teachers and all parents for the ways in which they have dealt with these unfamiliar and often uncomfortable times. At Public Speaking Solutions, we recognize that for some students the absence of school and their normal learning environments have left many anxious. Long stretches away from friendship circles and teams can have a detrimental effect on the confidence of our children, whatever their age. We are offering our services to help you at this time. An online one to one tutorial that can be tailor made to meet your personal goals. Whether you are a school leaver, university beginner or approaching secondary education this September, we are here to help rebuild confidence and mentor you through our programmes. Here are some of the topics you can choose from when designing your 60-minute tutorial.

  • How to stay relaxed, speak easily and beat nerves.

  • How to connect to your words and convey your message with confidence.

  • How to use your voice and body effectively, so that you can be seen, heard and remembered on stage.

  • How to practice, deliver and polish a speech from scratch.

  • How to prepare for an interview or assembly.

  • How to write and refine a presentation from scratch.

  • How to make an unforgettable impression upon your audience and hold their attention throughout.

  • How to steer an interview, answer tricky questions and leave an authentic impression upon your panel.

  • How to use your character to make better connections and build your circle, both personally and professionally.

  • Understanding the obstacles of public speaking, what makes us less confident and doubtful and putting it right!

If you or your child are finding lockdown difficult, then take this time to reflect on what you want to improve and strengthen at school, college or in work. These tutorials are purposefully designed to reignite our need to express and communicate who we are and how we communicate. From basic presentation skills to in depth public speaking platforms, each tutorial will guide you through simple, step by step speaking programmes. Let’s make use of this time at home and not lose sight of how far we have come. Contact:


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