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Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to Anna Ryder Richardson on BBC Radio Wales about the art of writing and delivering a good wedding speech. We have been helping the wedding industry for over 6 years by providing a coaching platform for clients to use and master their wedding speeches. It is a key part of any wedding day which deserves time, commitment, attention to detail. But what about reading a Eulogy? Having recently spoken at my father's funeral and memorial I had to work as hard as my wedding clients to face the emotion this stirs. It was easy enough to write my tribute but saying it out loud took a lot of control. I didn't fear crying, I didn't fear the emotion it brought up, but I was certain that given the one time I had to say it to an audience, I wanted the words, sentiment, meaning and memory to be heard. I wanted that speech to be felt and understood.

A eulogy or tribute given at a funeral is a powerful moment when we see past the professional efforts and accolades of a person and understand the heart and soul of the human. How they made people feel, what they gave and left the earth in the brief time they had here. I was immensely proud to speak about my father's vision and purpose in life, but when it came to speaking about him as my Dad, I had to work really hard to steady the emotion within. It is the same for a wedding speech.

We are stirred by the enormity of love. Whether you are writing a wedding speech or tribute, you need time to prepare. Time to revise, reflect and edit your material and then time to practice it out loud until it feels like a second skin. We are here to help you on this journey. For more information please contact us via or for a free consultation.


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