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Losing a father feels like the sky turned black.

On Wednesday morning, the light went out in him and the light went out over me. For a long, long time, he has been my leader, my anchor, my ally, my protector, my sundowner and my best friend. This week's tributes have all resonated the same note, a beautiful, brilliant gentleman with a genuine warmth for all he met.

Growing up he taught us how to love and how to forgive. He was mighty and he was fierce, but abundantly soft with a heart full for his children and grandchildren. A patriarch that held women in the highest esteem. He would often say to me, there is no greater success in my life than my marriage and no stronger bond of love than that I have for your mother.

I will cherish our memories and endeavour to honour his legacy. Admist this hollow grief, I am grateful to cancer. Grateful because it gave me time to tell him how much he was loved, admired and respected. It gave me time to say thank you for his years of protection and the huge generosity he bestowed. Thank you to everyone who has shared such loving and heartfelt comments. They have meant so much to our family and brought comfort to us these days. God bless you and keep you my darling Dad.

An Interview we shared in 2021 before his diagnosis .....


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