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Presence is powerful. Presence is attractive. Presence is but playful and mysterious. Those who have it, know it and those who want it, watch it. The truth is we all have it, but many are not present enough to turn it on, and dial it up. During our coaching programmes, we often get asked, "How do you get more presence in a room as a public speaker?" The answer begins in your body, being still enough to stay in the present moment. Still enough to let time pass as you remain present to what is, until you can hear your breath inhaling and exhaling.

When we can comfortably and easily stand in our own skin and meet the present moment without the constant distractions of the mind, then we can grow what is inherently ours. Each individual is utterly unique in sound, shape and thought. Your vocal and physical presence is dialled up when you can first be at ease with what you have, just as you are. This is the first step of enhancing presence in a room. This like any habit needs to be activated regularly for it to become a consistent and natural part of your everyday being.. That is why learning how to breathe deeply - with consistent effort and attention to the breath, is the starting point for bringing you into the present moment and enhancing presence.

Secondly an awareness of posture - knowing how the spine tilts and curves and working with your posture to correct areas of tension and habit. When we align our spine, we naturally find length and breadth which can add literal inches to our presence. Look to someone who captures your attention and observe them. What is it that they have that keeps you captivated? How do they hold themselves in a room. Is it their smile, their sound, their strength or their tone. My guess is it is a little of everything. My personal favourites for watching Presence in action are Barrack Obama and Catherine, Princess of Wales both have the ability to keep me watching even when they are not speaking or communicating.

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