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These are uncertain times. COVID-19 is affecting all living beings in different ways, physically, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Our instinctive daily drive to earn, to create, to consume and above all, to enjoy our freedom is being reprogrammed. Our wish to look forward and make plans for our future, are being put on hold.

We are being advised to act cautiously, modestly and compliantly. Suddenly our busy lives are slowing down, our outside freedoms are closing in and our chaotic brains are somewhat panicking.

How will we survive this time on planet earth? Will we be the same species again? These are some of the great unknowns born from the Coronavirus which we are pondering. Questions to which we have few concrete answers. But we must remember there are so many assurances and positives to take from this crisis. Time to reflect on how we have been living and consuming life. Isolation asks us to look at how resilient we are and forces us to become present and patient and surrender. What else can we do but comply and humble ourselves to the process. We hugely empathize with our clients who having been furloughed, are now working from home and juggling multiple roles. We support you and encourage you to check in with us at any time. Public Speaking Solutions will mentor you through with a one-to-one coaching session. We will look at how to communicate effectively via your preferred ‘virtual’ platform. We will discuss the ways you can make an impact in pitching ideas from your home environment. It is also a time to brush up on vocal technique. Why not aim to strengthen your skill set around presenting and use this time wisely at home by making it an opportunity for growth and renewal. We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, stay well and stay safe. Love from all at PSS. Contact:


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